Aduro 4 - Black, Price Excl Delivery and VAT

We were tasked with designing a wood burning stove with room for large pieces of firewood.
This requirement has given the low wide format signalling stability and strength.
The wood burning stove is undecorated - its shape is simple and exact.
Its a source of great cosiness suitable for both modern and traditional homes.

Designer, Torben Madsen

The unique Aduro 4 creates an exciting focal point for any room, and is suitable in both modern and classic homes.
Aduro 4 innovative and eye-catching compact design, combined with a high heating capability makes it very popular amongst our customers.
Aduro 4 spacious wood chamber has space for logs up to 41 cm long, which gives the stove the practicality you need.
As all Aduro products it is delivered with our unique glass cleaning technology and heat regulation options. 
This secures you an efficient and visible fire.
Aduro 4 is developed with the same efficient combustion as the other stoves in the Aduro series (primary, secondary and tertiary air supply).
Aduro 4 is easy to fire and operate - thanks to the unique automatic Aduro-tronic.

SKU 132-50143
Item Aduro 4 Black
Warranty: 5 Years
Nominal Power: 7 kW
Operational Power: 3-9 kW
Weight: 83 Kg
Flue Diameter: 150mm Top/Rear
Max Log Length: 41 cm
Distance to non-combustibles: back 20 cm, side 25 cm
Dimensions (HxWxD): 706 x 699/582 x 447 mm
Efficiency: 0.787
Aduro-tronic: Yes