Aduro 6SK with Wood Chamber - Soapstone, Black, Price Excl Delivery and VAT

Aduro 6 can also be supplied clad in Finnish soapstone tiles on the sides and the top. 
Soapstone is a unique natural product, one of its features is that it is able to store heat and release it over a longer period.
The Aduro 6 wood burning stove is equipped with a big wood chamber which fits logs all the way up to 41 cm length.
This makes it able to heat up rooms with a size stretching to 140 square metres.
Aduro 6 is made with an elegant design, consisting of soft curves and beautiful detalis. 
As all Aduro products it is delivered with our unique glass cleaning technology and heat regulation options. 
This secures you an efficient and visible fire.
Aduro 6 is developed with the same efficient combustion as the other stoves in the Aduro series (primary, secondary and tertiary air supply). 
The stove is easy to fire and operate - thanks to the unique automatic Aduro-tronic.

SKU 132-50361
Item Aduro 6SK with Wood Chamber - Soapstone, Black
Warranty: 5 Years
Nominal Power: 7 kW
Operational Power: 3-9 kW
Weight: 144 Kg
Flue Diameter: 150mm Top/Rear
Max Log Length: 41 cm
Distance to non-combustibles: back 20 cm, side 30 cm
Dimensions (HxWxD): 794 x 560 x 491 mm
Efficiency: 0.787
Aduro-tronic: Yes