Aduro 9-4 DEFRA Black, Price Excl Delivery and VAT

The Aduro 9-4 is one of this years major launches.
This model is meant to attach to the wall and comes with a special stand that attaches to the wall, this gives the impression of the stove floating in thin air.
Further this option provides several oportunities when it comes to integrating the stove in your living room in an elegant manner.
The Aduro 9-4 has the round shapes and soft lines which is characteristic for the Aduro series.
The great glass covered areas combined with the effective glass cleaning system also gives you a great visibility to the flames.
Aduro 9-4 has the same effective combustion chamber which is found in the other wood burning stoves in the Aduro series.
And the unique Aduro-tronic technology makes the oven easy to operate, The Aduro 9-4 is a C02 neutral heat source which lives up the strictest environmental standards.

SKU 132-50295
Item Aduro 9-4 - DEFRA Black
Warranty: 5 Years
Nominal Power: 6 kW
Operational Power: 3-9 kW
Weight: 90 Kg
Flue Diameter: 150mm Top/Rear
Max Log Length: 39 cm
Distance to non-combustibles: back 15 cm, side 70 cm
Dimensions (HxWxD): 752 x 500 x 460 mm
Efficiency: 0.813
Aduro-tronic: Yes